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MA Landscape Architecture Studies

Course details


two years


online and part-time

Start dates

January, May and September

Application deadline

9 January 2023

Next welcome week

23 January 2023

Next course start date

30 January 2023

Total course fee


Course overview

Landscape architecture connects people across disciplines, cultures and communities – all of whom share the common goal of creating places that have a positive impact on society, culture and the environment.

There is now, more than ever, a recognition that landscapes must be conceptualised, designed, and managed in ways which address contemporary challenges facing communities and the global environment, including environmental sustainability and human resilience and wellbeing.

The MA Landscape Architecture Studies online programme explores how professionals in the field build a healthy, equitable relationship between their practice and our planet’s ecosystem.

It has been thoughtfully designed to provide an in-depth perspective on landscape design practice, against a background of contemporary regional and global issues.

With a real-world approach that emphasises both theory and practice, a range of topics explore the interfaces between people, landscapes, cities and nature. We’ll help you develop your understanding of the problems and opportunities facing urban and rural landscapes, covering issues that relate to both individual placemaking and wider infrastructure.

Just as importantly, you’ll also be exposed to different cultural and professional contexts. Within a creative and supportive learning community where collaboration and innovation are encouraged, you’ll develop the creativity, critical thinking, and landscape architectural skills needed to forge an exciting new chapter in your career.

Note: The MA in Landscape Architecture Studies is not designed to provide a complete training for becoming a UK Chartered Landscape Architect and is not recognised professionally by the UK Landscape Institute. However, the course provides a basis for further education, career development, and work in a variety of areas, as well as opportunity for specialised study.

Course modules

The modules within this course have been crafted to help you contextualise your current or future landscape design practice within a wider framework of interconnected systems. With support from our experienced academics, you’ll get to explore the benefits that this dynamic approach could bring to both your career, and to wider social, economic and environmental needs.

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Course leader

Dr Kirsten Tatum

Dr Kirsten Tatum

Kirsten studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and is an academic member of the Landscape Institute. Her expertise encompasses a range of built environment disciplines, including architecture, landscape, urban/rural planning, plus design history and theory.

Entry requirements

We encourage applications from students with a broad range of qualifications and we welcome students from all educational backgrounds. We’ll take into account the knowledge and skills that you have developed outside the classroom, as well as your previous qualifications.

There are two different routes to entry: the standard and non-standard routes. Admissions staff will assess entries to determine which route is appropriate for you when you apply.

Students accepted on the standard route are given offers based on qualifications and supporting documentation alone. If you do not have a qualification at the designated level or in a subject not directly related to the course to which you are applying, you’ll be contacted to request a portfolio, and/or given an interview date.

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Fees and funding 

The fees that you pay AUB help provide the necessary services and training for you to complete your course. There are a number of different ways that you can pay for your tuition.


How to apply

When you're ready to apply, you'll need to head to our online application form to apply directly to us. We encourage you to apply early so that you have time to organise accommodation and to arrange for a visa (if required) before you enrol.

We encourage applications from students with a broad range of qualifications – we'll take into account the knowledge and skills that you've developed outside the classroom as well as your previous qualifications.

We aim to interview all applicants who demonstrate the potential to succeed on the course. Interviews are used to assess whether you have the necessary skills and capabilities and whether this programme is appropriate to your interests and aspirations.



The MA Landscape Architecture Studies online programme can help you pursue a diverse array of careers. You’ll build an advanced portfolio of landscape skills, techniques, knowledge, and understanding to develop your career or to prepare for further specialised study.

Upon graduation, you’ll be equipped to start exploring landscape-related practices around the world. Some of the roles that you’ll be able to work towards include:

  • landscape architect
  • environmental consultant
  • fields trial officer
  • town planner.

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