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Sadie MillerMaggs

Industry guest speaker, MA Interior Design

Sadie MillerMaggs is the the Founder & Director of Vegan Material House which is based in the West Midlands and is currently studying her Master’s in Interior Design at The University of Wolverhampton, UK. After completing her BDes Hons in Interior Design and receiving national recognition for her work, Sadie sought to expand her material knowledge in ethical design decision-making. 

As a devoted vegan, Sadie seeks to continue her career path dedicating time to focus her specialism in creating healthy and humane interior spaces. Sadie's goal is to pursue a career in the industry, encouraging, inspiring, and developing a knowledge base for designers and clients to understand, explore, and consider the use of vegan alternatives within the commercial and residential sector. 

This passion and drive has led Sadie to create Vegan Material House, which for now is a virtual space where she can start to share her knowledge and research, and collaborate with conscious designers and material innovators to create a database of sustainable vegan materials. This platform is also used to share noteworthy articles, and to introduce new innovators and trailblazers. 


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