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MA Photography

Equip yourself with industry-ready skills

Course details


Two years


Online and part-time

Start dates

January, May and September

Next welcome week

16 September 2024

Next course start date

23 September 2024

Application deadline

6 September 2024

Total course fee


Course overview

Equip yourself with industry-ready skills, an informed professional portfolio, and an effective online presence. Our master’s degree course harnesses the symbiotic relationship between academic inquiry, industry-grounded practice and informed research. 

Through a broad, varied curriculum, you’ll explore the many ways in which you can channel your creativity. Photographic practice can be used as a way of understanding the world around you, fostering introspection and tackling contemporary issues by engaging with a wider audience. Our tutors are also active in a wide range of photography genres – ranging from fashion and documentary photography to fine art photography – so you’ll develop knowledge from across the industry. 

Underpinning this entire degree course is one of the most important, versatile and transferable skills that every master’s graduate should acquire: rigorous self-reflection. You’ll be encouraged to document your progress, methodologies, creative processes and the challenges you encounter in a Reflective Journal.  

By the end of your course, you’ll have a profound understanding of the contemporary photography scene, and a sharp awareness of how it is being shaped by emerging trends. You’ll be able to articulate your creative identity with confidence and draw on a vast range of knowledge for inspiration. 

Join our vibrant cohort of like-minded creatives from across the globe and embark on our transformative academic journey. There’s no limit to where the connections you make with your peers and tutors will take you. They could unlock future job opportunities, creative collaborations and mentorship in the future.  

Online MA Photography course overview

Watch the course overview video to gain insight into who the course is for, what you will learn on the course, as well as the advantages of studying with AUB and online.

Click here to read the video transcript.

Course units

These units have been carefully designed by our academic experts. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from mapping out your creative identity to experimenting with new mediums. With frequent feedback shared through forums, your diverse range of insights will also help one another refine your creative vision as you prepare for the next steps in your career.

Academic team

James Elliott

Your Course Leader

James Elliott is a practicing artist with a diverse practice that originated in drawing, sculpture and more traditional photography, but is currently focused upon ideas and opportunities presented by digital image making (both still and moving).  

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Mark Leary

Lecturer and Unit Leader

Mark Leary is a practicing filmmaker and photographer who has spent 20 years observing ‘the beauty of banality in the everyday’. With his unique colour palette and beautiful lighting, he creates a familiar (almost nostalgic) feeling to his work whilst pertaining relevance to a modern, stylised aesthetic.

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"Stay curious and actively engage with the material, seeking diverse resources to deepen your understanding while staying connected with peers and instructors for a richer learning experience."

James Elliott | Course Leader, MA Photography

Entry requirements

We encourage applications from students with a broad range of qualifications and we welcome students from all educational backgrounds. We’ll take into account the knowledge and skills that you have developed outside the classroom, as well as your previous qualifications.

There are two different routes to entry: the standard  and non-standard  routes. Admissions staff will assess entries to determine which route is appropriate for you when you apply.

Students accepted on the standard route are given offers based on qualifications and supporting documentation alone. If you do not have a qualification at the designated level or in a subject not directly related to the course to which you are applying, you’ll be contacted to request a portfolio, and/or given an interview date.

Fees and funding

The fees that you pay AUB help provide the necessary services and training for you to complete your course. There are a number of different ways that you can pay for your tuition.

How to apply

Head to our online application form to apply directly to us. We encourage applications from students with a broad range of qualifications – we'll take into account the knowledge and skills that you've developed outside the classroom as well.

Careers in Photography

As a graduate of AUB Online’s MA Photography course, you’ll be poised for a diverse range of career paths across many industries. From a creative CV and artist’s statement to a professional website and online presence, we’ll give you all the important tools you need to get your name on the map. Our experts will also support you in submitting your work to open calls, exhibitions and competitions – so even before you graduate, you’ll be likely to have a foot in the door. 

However, it’s important to remember that photography itself is just the first of many avenues you’ll unlock with this degree. With adaptable skills including visual literacy, a collaborative spirit, critical and reflective thinking and creative communication, the world really is your oyster. 

Here are just some of the rewarding career options you could pursue with confidence: 

Lightbulb icon
Creative Director
Video icon
Media Production
exhibition icon
Exhibition Curator
Camera icon AUB
Photojournalist or Documentary Photographer
Pencil icon
Studio Manager

You could also pursue opportunities in digital marketing and lecturing.

Exploring Environmental Narratives through Creative Writing & Photography

Watch highlights from our 'Expressions of Earth: Exploring Environmental Narratives through Creative Writing & Photography' online event.

Video transcripts

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