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How can an MA Film Practice help my career?

How can an MA Film Practice help my career?

Explore how an MA Film Practice can help you enhance your career as a filmmaker.

Exceptional filmmaking isn’t about following the same practices as everyone else in the field, even if they’re considered the greats of their time. 

It’s about challenging the industry norms, pushing the creative boundaries and exploring new filmmaking approaches and practices. 

Studying a masters in filmmaking is the critical first step in not only enhancing your existing knowledge and skills in the field, but crucially challenging you to think outside of the box and empowering you with the creative mindset and skills you need to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. 

Here’s how an MA Film Practice can help you in your career as a filmmaker: 

Expand your body of work 

Through a series of structured creative projects, critical interrogation and self-reflection of filmmaking practices, and 1:1 mentorship with an expert tutor, culminating in a final thesis project, you’ll have the opportunity to actively expand your body of work and professional skillset. 

With this professional body of work under your belt, you’ll be well-equipped with an impressive showreel you can present to potential employers when pursuing global career opportunities in the filmmaking industry. 

Explore new filmmaking approaches 

To succeed and make your mark in the contemporary world of filmmaking, it’s imperative to be able to challenge established mainstream modes of filmmaking. 

An MA Film Practice will challenge your existing knowledge and approaches to filmmaking, encouraging you to think critically and pushing the boundaries of your creativity to help you discover new and innovative filmmaking approaches. 

Improve your technical skills 

Through specific course modules focussed on constructing narrative, you’ll gain a systemic understanding of the technical and conceptual methods utilised in contemporary film practice and their interdependency.  

This will help you make informed decisions around the relevant techniques you employ in your own filmmaking practice. 

Focus on your passion 

Whether your passion is producing documentaries, short fiction, or experimental films, an MA Film Practice will enable you to focus on and examine your chosen form in detail. 

You may even find during your studies that you’ve discovered a passion for a new form of film that you hadn’t previously considered – your MA will delve deeply into the various forms films can take and help you both focus on your existing passion and discover new ones. 

Gain specialist skills to move into filmmaking 

You might already be studying photography or fine art and looking to transfer your existing creative skills to the field of filmmaking.  

An MA Film Practice will equip you with the specialist knowledge, skills and expertise you need to make the transition into filmmaking and position you as a successful filmmaker. 

In addition, you’ll also gain transferrable skills in areas such as research, communication, collaboration and critical thinking to help you along your way in both your personal and professional development. 

Expand your professional network 

With an online MA Film Practice, you’ll be connected to a global cohort of aspiring and established filmmakers from around the world. You’ll also be connected to a team of industry-leading experts and academics who are thought leaders in the field of filmmaking. 

Connected to this global network, you’ll not only have the opportunity to gain unique insights and perspectives that will help to greatly enhance your filmmaking practice, you’ll also have access to global career opportunities in the field. 

If you’re looking to launch or take the next step in your career as a filmmaker, Arts University Bournemouth offers an online MA Film Practice that will help you make your mark and forge your success as a creative filmmaker – all while you study flexibly online:

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