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Studying a creative course online

Studying a creative course online

Studying a creative course online offers a flexible and dynamic learning experience, enabling you to nurture your artistic talent and skills on your own terms.

Explore insights, tips and strategies to thrive in an online creative learning environment.

How do you study a creative course online? 

Apart from granting learners the freedom to access course materials and participate in learning at their preferred pace and schedule, online creative courses support an improved work/life balance and provide access to expert tutors at their convenience. Further insights on the advantages of studying a creative course online can be found here.

How do you access course materials and webinars? 

Virtual learning environments are thriving in the digital age we live in. With our digital learning platform, Canvas, you'll always be just a few clicks or taps away from your course mates and our experienced teaching staff. By logging into Canvas, you'll also have easy access to your course materials, discussion forums, student services and more.  
Modules are broken down into weekly topics, with webinars available live or on-demand, so you can balance your studies with work and other commitments. You can find out more about how you’ll learn throughout your online creative course. 

How do you network with other students in online forums? 

Learning doesn’t have to limit your connection to fellow students. AUB Online has a diverse digital student community, with forums available for peer-to-peer support and advice 24/7. Additionally, there are opportunities for online students to attend up to two face-to-face events per academic year.

How does a creative course help you explore new ideas and techniques?

Through structured lessons, expert guidance and a wealth of resources, creative courses cultivate a friendly environment that encourages exploration and expression of creativity. Our courses also facilitate easy communication with peers, enabling the exchange of perspectives and encouraging of constructive feedback, broadening horizons of students. 

Plus, learning at your own pace and on your own terms means that you’ll get to understand how you personally learn best, allowing you to develop and grow at pace. 

How do assignments help you build your portfolio? 

The assignments provided in our courses are varied, stimulating and designed to apply a range of concepts, testing your skills and ultimately enriching your learning experience. 
Your course assignments will not only give you the opportunity to experiment with fresh techniques, test out new theories and push your creativity to its limits, but they’ll give you a plethora of examples of work which can be showcased to potential employers when the time is right. 

How does collaboration and feedback from other students help you improve your practice? 

AUB Online’s digital student community gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other students in the same situation as yourself.  

Working collaboratively allows for the exchange of diverse ideas, techniques and perspectives. Importantly, peer-to-peer collaboration exposes you to alternative approaches and outside-the-box solutions that you might not have considered otherwise.  

Your peers will offer fresh viewpoints on your work, with the opportunity to celebrate your strengths and pinpoint any weaknesses that you can improve on.  

Likewise, engaging in reciprocal feedback cultivates a culture of growth and personal development, much encouraged here at AUB. 

How to prep for success when studying an online creative course

Here are some top tips to bear in mind before embarking upon your exciting online creative course. 

Create a study schedule 

With no set timetable to work towards, creating your own study schedule will be invaluable when it comes to studying a creative course online, in your own time. It’ll help you manage time effectively by providing structure and organisation, ensuring dedicated time blocks for learning and assignments around the other important commitments in your life. 

Set goals and expectations 

Doing this provides a clear roadmap and gives you motivation and structure, guiding focused efforts and measuring your progress to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Adapting to deal with challenges 

Understanding your workplace strengths and weaknesses is crucial; if you tend to procrastinate without a structured timetable, it's important to identify the causes of your distractions and make efforts to overcome them.  

This could include creating a distraction-free workspace or setting your phone to 'do not disturb' during designated study times – these minor adjustments can be extremely helpful.  

Conversely, if you perform well in a group setting but desire the flexibility of an online creative course, you could consider renting a coworking space or participating in our in-person events. 

Stay engaged and participate actively 

Engaging with your fellow students and tutors, asking questions when needed and offering reciprocal support is crucial to fostering a sense of belonging and connection when pursuing online studies. 

With AUB Online’s creative community, you’ll get to know fellow creatives while you learn flexibly online.  

Discover how you'll learn 

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