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Dr Lisa Thurlow

MA Interior Design, Online Tutor

Dr Lisa trained as a commercial interior designer, specialising in exhibition and hospitality design alongside a career as a lecturer. 

Her PhD, awarded by De Montfort University in 2019, investigated sketch inhibition, (a fear of drawing), among undergraduate designers across various disciplines and how it affects their design ability and professional practice once graduated.

Dr Lisa continues to develop new teaching strategies to help students overcome the fear of putting pencil to paper.  

With a wide knowledge of research methodologies within creative subjects, she absolutely loves research of any kind, whether for a written project or design concept – because a design solution is only as good as the designer’s understanding of the problem.   


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Lisa's career highlights

  • Working clients including Epson, Pfeizer, Avis, Trsor and various NHS hospital trusts, universities and public schools
  • Publishing several journal and conference papers about sketch inhibition

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