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Mark Leary

Lecturer and Module Leader

Mark is a practicing filmmaker and photographer who has spent 20 years observing ‘the beauty of banality in the everyday’. With his unique colour palette and beautiful lighting, he creates a familiar (almost nostalgic) feeling to his work whilst pertaining relevance to a modern, stylised aesthetic.

Mark’s work has been described as dreamlike and displaying a magical quality whilst conveying universal concepts of wonder, adventure, exploration and mindfulness.
Mark works with a mixture of both analogue large-format film and digital capture along with traditional darkroom printing techniques and digital manipulation to produce each piece. His current research is through the visual exploration of human connection to the sea and what impact blue spaces have on sense of self.

Mark's career highlights

  • Seeing my first advert on TV and on a large billboard.
  • The publication of my two books ‘Salt & Wax’ and ‘Made in China’.
  • Watching the students I have mentored go and forge a successful photography career.

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