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Michelle Zeitlin

MA Creative Writing, Industry Patron

Holding a Liberal Arts BA from St Mary’s College, Los Angeles, Michelle Zeitlin’s creative journey began in ballet. Since then, her extensive multidisciplinary training in dance, drama, and film has taken her across the globe and maps out a rich, storied career.

From drama training and movie direction to choreography, theatrical writing and talent management, Michelle has worn many hats – building a healthy network of industry connections along the way. Her motto is “passion to power”, which is reflected through her talent management agency: More Zap. 

Michelle’s fundamental vision involves using creativity to shape a more positive world. She is also passionate about harnessing the breadth of her industry experience to guide and mentor creative professionals. This ethos – combined with her immense talent behind the lens, in front of the camera, and putting pen to paper – makes her the ultimate patron for our MA Creative Writing course


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Michelle's role as an industry patron

Michelle Zeitlin has a proven track record of cultivating immense creative talent, with some of her clients winning Grammy, Emmy, Spirit and Tony awards. We’re delighted to welcome her as the patron of our course and have her help our students reach their full potential. 

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Actively involved in ensuring that the programme is grounded in industry practice and sets students up for success.
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Acts as a vital connection between the industry itself and the course, teaching ways to reach out and network with industry professionals and send written queries and pitch orally.
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Holds exclusive talks for MA Creative Writing students. These are perfect opportunities to hear in-depth insights from a seasoned industry professional with decades of experience. 
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Helps MA Creative Writing students put their work on the map and see where their projects fit into the industry as a whole. 

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Michelle's career highlights

  • Michelle starred as a dancer in the cast of the original Fame TV series (1982), Dance Macabre (1992), and Showgirls (1995).
  • She has delivered several speaking engagements, including Move It, London, and the 805 Writers Conference for authors and screenwriters.
  • She received an award for ‘BEST TV Producer Pitch’ at the Banff TV Festival.

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