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Sarah Bax

MA Interior Design Course Leader

Sarah has been a master’s programme leader, undergraduate progamme leader and senior lecturer within the area of interior architectural design. She has also successfully run her own space planning and energy efficient refurbishment business.

Sarah is particularly enthusiastic about design for health and wellbeing, particularly the area of healthy productive working environments. This includes creating better quality working spaces with adequate air ventilation, noise control and space, so people are happy and productive in the workplace.

She has a passion for interior design and how future generations of designers can benefit us all, by integrating what they have learnt into their design concepts. She is also a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Sarah's research interests include:

  • Sustainable daylighting systems providing light into deep core office buildings and interior spaces
  • Energy efficient property designing with minimal/no gas input
  • Interior environments relating to issues of the health and wellbeing of occupants, particularly working environments
  • The use of large areas of glazing for iconic buildings and the sustainable implications it creates

Sarah's career highlights

  • Gaining a BA (Hons) in 3D Interior Design from Brighton University, a PGCE in Design and Technology at Bristol University and a Master’s in Interior Design at the University of Portsmouth
  • Leading BA and master’s programmes in various subjects since 2014

"Take the opportunity of combining your passion for design in your favourite sector, with the ability to answer questions to current design problems to help others, which this master’s degree allows you to do."

Sarah Bax, MA Interior Design Course Leader

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