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Simon Lown

MA Graphic Design, 'Sustainable Futures' Unit Leader

Simon is a seasoned Graphic Designer from the UK with over 20 years of experience in creative direction and brand consulting.

AUB graduate and father of three, Simon’s work is influenced by his passion for adventure and the outdoors. He's collaborated with global brands such as Red Bull, Rip Curl, and Dr. Martens, developing agility across digital, print, apparel design, and illustration. 

Driven by his MA in Ecological Design Thinking, Simon integrates environmental stewardship and holistic 'living systems' design to empower businesses and inspire positive change.

With a focus on regenerative practices, he aims to facilitate meaningful social and ecological impact for today's world and beyond. 



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"As sustainability becomes increasingly important in today’s world, graphic designers have a unique opportunity to drive change and contribute to building a sustainable future."

Simon Lown | MA Interior Design Unit Leader

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