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How can an MA Interior Design help my career?

How can an MA Interior Design help my career?

Discover how an MA Interior Design can help you develop your career in the field. 

In today’s globalised world, and increasing demand on resources, there’s a growing need for designers who can create buildings, spaces and environments which aren’t just innovative and exciting, but also address the needs of the people who use them and global challenges such as sustainability. 

MA Interior Design can help you master the research skills you need to navigate these challenges and succeed in the field – now and into the future. 

Research and enhance your practice specialism 

This Master’s course is research-led, rather than teaching you the fundamentals of interior design. If you’re an existing interior design professional, it can help you enhance your existing specialist knowledge of interior, spatial or architectural interior design. 

If your undergraduate degree is in a related field such as textiles, illustration, architectural design technology or product design, MA Interior Design can help you research and further enhance your existing practice specialism.  

For example, if your focus is product design, you may want to explore how designing furniture can aid better productivity in the workplace. If your focus is textiles, you could examine how fabric technology and the advancement in antibacterial fabrics can help combat disease in healthcare environments.  

Master’s level study can also help you develop transferrable skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking that can help both your personal and professional development. 

Acquire the skills and knowledge to address global challenges 

We live in a world where design doesn’t just need to be fit for purpose – it needs to also effectively address global challenges while meeting its functional goals. 

Some of these global challenges include designing for sustainability, human wellbeing, diversity and disability. 

To be able to address these challenges effectively, designers need to understand these challenges in depth, and be well-equipped with the skills and expertise to devise innovative solutions to address these challenges in their creative work. 

The online MA Interior Design at AUB will help you research current and future global challenges and how to effectively address them. Pre-recorded presentations from industry guest speakers throughout the course can help you understand the key issues design professionals are trying to address right now.  

Understand sustainability and biophilic design 

The design industry has an important part to play in addressing the global challenge of sustainability. This is why, globally, there has been an increasing push for more sustainable practices in the design industry. 

Biophilic design is one of the key ways in which designers are embracing sustainable design, by reimagining their work to create more balance between contemporary buildings and architecture and our natural world. 

Having an in-depth understanding of sustainability and biophilic design is essential to ensure your success in future roles in the industry. The MA Interior Design at AUB will cover concepts like this and ensure you have a strong grasp of them. 

Decide which interior design sector aligns with your career goals 

During the course, you can enhance your understanding of a range of key sectors, across both domestic and commercial environments. These sectors include retail, hospitality, leisure, education, exhibition, and healthcare design.  

In the commercial-focused modules, you’ll learn about the concepts and tensions that relate to the changing landscape of customer experience versus economics within the commercial industry. 

In the domestic-focused modules, you’ll consider diverse ways of living in the community, multigenerational living, design for education and workplace settings, and for the changing needs of an ageing population. 

Understanding these different design sectors can help you decide whether commercial or domestic design (or working across both) is the right career path for you. 

Build your professional network 

Through taking part in seminars, tutorials, discussion forums and group work during your online MA, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from fellow students and tutors who are industry and academic professionals from around the world.  

There’s the potential for you to start building a network of professional connections that can evolve and grow as you develop your career in the design industry.  

If you want to enhance your research skills in various design sectors, Arts University Bournemouth offers an online MA Interior Design that can you further your ambitions – both now and into the future: 

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