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How can MA Landscape Architecture Studies help my career?

How can MA Landscape Architecture Studies help my career?

As an area of study, Landscape Architecture has the unique power to connect people across cultures, communities and disciplines – all driven towards a common goal of creating places that have a positive impact on our society, culture, and the environment. 

Landscape professionals have diverse and rewarding careers, managing and protecting environments, creating and improving spaces for people, and making cities more livable and equitable. There is a strong practical element, underpinned by creative and innovative design, as well as research and management.   

So, if you have a passion for landscapes, how can an MA Landscape Architecture Studies help you in your career? 

Build on your existing landscape practice abilities  

Now, more than ever, there is a consensus within the industry that landscapes must be designed, conceptualised and managed in ways that address the global challenges facing our communities and environment, such as sustainability and human wellbeing. 

The knowledge and skills for practice in landscape are broad and comprehensive, crossing land and natural sciences, environmental health, design theory, social wellbeing, inhabited spaces, urbanism and architecture. The MA Landscape Architecture Studies will help you develop both your knowledge and your practical skills in these essential subjects.  

The course will also help you gain highly transferrable skills in areas such as: 

  • Problem-solving 
  • Self-management 
  • Collaboration 
  • Project management 
  • Communication 
  • Graphic design 

So, whether you’re already working in the field or transferring from a related subject area, an MA Landscape Architecture Studies will help you confidently rise to these contemporary challenges and create places with a positive impact.  

Adapt to future changes in the field 

Landscape architecture is constantly evolving. New challenges, technologies and trends can continually present themselves, and those working in the field must be able to quickly adapt to these changes to ensure their ongoing career success. 

An MA Landscape Architecture Studies will empower you with an in-depth perspective on landscape design practice. It will also equip you with the critical thinking skills – framed within relevant global social, ecological, and environmental contexts – you need to anticipate and adapt to future changes in the field. 

You will develop the ability to acquire knowledge, evaluate and test theories, and apply what you learn in the practice of landscape and design concepts. These are skills you can use throughout your career.  

Expand your global network 

With an online MA Landscape Architecture Studies, collaborative engagement will be encouraged, helping you build connections with your fellow professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to further enhance your expertise by regularly getting insights from academics and industry professionals.  

Throughout the course and afterwards, these experiences will help you expand your global network, which will continue to evolve as people develop and progress throughout their careers. As your connections’ networks grow, so will your own.  

Once you graduate, you also have access to the AUB alumni community, which can help you stay connected to fellow creative professionals all over the world. 

Learn from experienced academics  

Supported and mentored throughout your studies by a team of experienced academics, you’ll develop an advanced portfolio of landscape techniques, skills and expertise to further boost your career opportunities.  

This expert team can help you discover global career opportunities in various areas within the field – wherever in the world you want to work in landscape practice or related disciplines. 

Explore varied job opportunities 

From cities to wildernesses, the MA Landscape Architecture Studies will enable you to work in a range of landscape-related areas and professions on completion of your studies.  

You could find yourself working in any of these areas: parks and recreation, urban design, residential design, hospitality and resorts, educational campuses, therapeutic gardens, wildlife reserves, conservation, historic preservation, commercial design and much more. 

Working as a chartered landscape architect in the UK requires professional accreditation from the Landscape Institute. This course is a solid next step towards the further specialised study needed for accreditation, for those who do not have a Landscape Institute accredited undergraduate degree or are transferring to the course from another subject area.   

If you’re not planning to work as a landscape architect in the UK, and therefore do not require accreditation, then this course enables you to develop advanced skills for landscape architecture practice elsewhere. 

If you want to pursue your passion for landscape, discover how Arts University Bournemouth’s online MA Landscape Architecture Studies can empower you with the creativity, critical thinking, and landscape architectural skills you need to forge an exciting new chapter in your career.  

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