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Why study an MA in Photography?

Why study an MA in Photography?

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Pursuing postgraduate study is a significant step towards honing your skills and advancing your career. If you’re passionate about photography, MA Photography is the ultimate way to elevate your skill to a professional level and stand out in the field. Keep reading to delve into the various reasons why pursuing an MA in Photography can be a game-changer for both budding and experienced photographers alike. 

Master the technical and artistic aspects of your craft 

One of the main benefits of studying Photography at master’s level is the opportunity to delve deep into both the technical and artistic aspects of the craft. This level of education provides a structured environment where you can refine your technical skills, such as understanding advanced camera settings, lighting techniques, and post-production approaches. Moreover, it encourages you to explore your artistic vision, so you can ensure that your work stands out in the world of photography. 

By working closely with experienced academics and like-minded peers from across the globe, you gain valuable insights, feedback, and exposure to diverse perspectives. This intensive learning experience can catapult your work to new heights, pushing boundaries and helping you reach your full creative potential. 

Explore potential specialisations 

Photography is a dynamic field with plenty of sub-genres and specialisations. These range from portrait and fashion photography to documentary and fine art photography – and as technology transforms the world around us, the definitions are only broadening. Pursuing an MA in Photography provides you with the opportunity to see the full breadth of opportunities you can pursue as a practitioner. Through experimental portfolio work, extensive research and expert guidance, you can develop a refined skill set and a nuanced understanding of your chosen field. 

This specialisation not only sets you apart as an expert, but also opens doors to unique career opportunities and collaborations within that specific sector of the photography industry. 

Build a strong portfolio 

A well-curated portfolio is the cornerstone of any successful photography career. An MA in Photography offers a structured environment where you can not only create a diverse and cohesive portfolio, but also receive constructive critiques and guidance from experienced professionals. 

Through assignments, projects, and creative responses, you’ll be encouraged to showcase your evolving style, technique, and storytelling abilities. This curated body of work becomes a tangible representation of your skills and vision, which can greatly enhance your credibility and marketability in the competitive world of photography. 

Wondering what it's like to study online?

As an AUB Online student, you'll always be just a few clicks or taps away from your course mates and our experienced teaching staff. Find out more about the student experience and our digital learning platform, Canvas: 

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Networking and industry opportunities 

The connections you make during your MA studies can be invaluable for your future career. Engaging with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals provides a fertile ground for networking. These relationships can lead to collaborative projects, exhibition opportunities, and even job referrals. 

Additionally, many MA courses in Photography offer guest lectures, workshops, and seminars with established photographers who work within a range of sub-genres. This exposure not only expands your knowledge base, but also gives you direct access to influential figures in the industry. Such interactions can lead to internships, mentorships, and job offers, giving you a head start in your photography career. 

Prepare for a photography career 

Enrolling in a Photography MA is a strategic move for those aspiring to turn their passion into a viable, established career. The structured curriculum, mentorship, and practical experience provided by a master’s degree will equip you with all the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to thrive as a visual communicator. 

Moreover, the insights you'll gain from industry professionals and exposure to real-world projects prepare you for the real-world challenges and demands of the photography industry. Whether you aim to work as a freelance photographer, join a creative agency, or pursue personal projects, an MA in Photography lays a solid foundation for a successful, fulfilling career. 

Studying an online MA Photography with AUB 

At AUB Online, MA in Photography is a transformative journey that empowers you to hone your craft, build a strong portfolio, network with industry professionals. The programme will ultimately prepare for a rewarding creative career. If you're passionate about photography and want to demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional growth, check out our online MA Photography course. Not only will you become a part of our vibrant creative community, but we’ll help you realise your full potential as a photographer.  

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