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MA Interior Design celebrates its new Industry Patron

MA Interior Design celebrates its new Industry Patron

Meet AUB Online's MA Interior Design's new Industry Patron, architect Debbie Flevotomou, and find out how she'll be helping students on the course to connect with the interior design industry. 

AUB Online’s MA Interior Design is celebrating the official announcement of Debbie Flevotomou as its Industry Patron.  

Debbie is a multi award-winning Architect and CEO, celebrated speaker and a painter. She is the founder of Debbie Flevotomou Architects (DFA), established in 2012, with a mission to promote nature-centric architecture and interior design.  Debbie Flevotomou

She is also the creator of THINK NATURE movement, an enviro-aesthetic, unique and innovative way of designing net-positive energy and net-negative operational carbon buildings based on natural forms and organic motifs. THINK NATURE creates sustainable buildings with Biophilic and Parametric features that promote harmony and boost wellbeing.  

In her role as Industry Patron Debbie will be actively involved with enhancing students’ route to practice, their knowledge in specialist fields within interior and architectural interior design and will promote work experience to future employers. 

Speaking about her position as Industry Patron, Debbie  told us: “The online programme is more than just a course; it's a dynamic journey that fosters creativity, innovation, and holistic learning.  

“Being the Industry Patron for the course not only helps connect students to industry, it also offers an opportunity for the industry to become involved with the current research the students are undertaking. This in turn provides benefits for both students and industry, as part of the Industry Patron’s role is to foster this connection to encourage work experience or placement.” 

Before starting her architectural practice, Debbie worked for Foster + Partners, where she was involved with the design of the new Kuwait airport, the new Luxembourg masterplan, the Morocco university, a couple of private hospitals, educational buildings and The Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the first sustainable city in the world. This puts her in an ideal position to figurehead the course and add to its growing list of industry professionals. 

Debbie went on to say: “The master’s course champions interdisciplinary collaboration and creative evidence-based design. It's a space where students can engage with diverse fields such as sustainability, inclusivity and design for healthcare, transcending boundaries to create distinctive and original research projects.” 

“Research isn't just encouraged; it's at the heart of this programme. Students are empowered to delve into critical aspects of interior design, conduct independent research, and make meaningful contributions to the academic discourse within the field. It's a place where ideas are explored, tested, and refined.” 

“Depending on an individual’s specialism, it can offer a truly global outlook on interior design. This is invaluable for students who aspire to understand and shape international design trends and practices. It's about expanding horizons and embracing diversity in design.”  

“I'm excited to embark on this journey and contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of interior designers”. 

Speaking about Debbie’s appointment, Course Leader Sarah Bax told us: “This is a wonderful step forward for the course, including all the students and academic staff involved. Having an Industry Patron with such a varied background of experience and many industry connections, will further enhance the career opportunities for students the course already provides.” 

AUB Online’s MA Interior Design is research-led, allowing you to pursue your own specialist research focus and create evidence-based solutions to current and future design challenges. Study 100% online and start in January, May or September. 

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